How good is Spine2D animation perfomance in UE4?

Hi guys!

I’m new to UE (I used to work only with some less popular lua-based engines before). I’m thinking about diving into UE, how fast it is practically on mobile platforms? (when it comes to 2D)
Can you please help me to compare perfomance?
*As far as I know, UE is 3D&AAA oriented, but I feel that sometimes I may need 2D also.

Would you be so kind to compile a simple 1280x720 apk, and check how many Spine objects can be rendered with 60fps? And how many traditional frame-based animations can be rendered?

Here’s my benchmark objects: spine json, traditional spritesheet and compiled apk:

(lua source code: )

Currently I’m limited to ~60-70 animated Spine objects on screen. If I add more, FPS starts dropping to less than 60 (on my Xiaomi 4X hardware).
Frame-based animations perform better (I can have ~350-400 frame-based objects on screen with 60fps)

Can’t wait for your results!
Many thanks!