How good are Anim Montages in networking?

I’m thinking about controlling my weapons and monsters completely with Anim Montages and Branch Points that sync up with events in the animation.

Like a gun might fire off a shoot projectile branch point 2 seconds into the Anim Montage instead of firing right away when the trigger is hit like in Unreal Tournament like a Doom BFG9000. Or a melee attack has an initial swing animation. (If anyone’s done any Zdoom modding, this would be similar to working with DECORATE lumps and specifying specific actions to fire off during parts of the animation.)

I want to be sure I’m not shooting my self in the foot by trying to do something a little differently from how it’s done in the Unreal Tournament code which has a lot of work done for networking and reducing the perception of lag.

Also will the anim montage play on a dedicated server? I’m sure it’ll omit doing some animation rendering related code but I’d still expect the branch points to be hit with the same timing.