How "Get input key time down" works?

I suppose count begin in 0 when key its down.
i don’t known how that function work .

I try that:

and another test with eventick in the second branch


I couldn’t see your videos, but you can do something like this which will print out the time you held the Left Mouse Button down for example:

Hope this helps,


hi. thx for response. I try that but in this way the time begin in something near -2
that normal?

that the videos on my first attemp

That the try with your example.

the thing its if press ‘E’ both ‘pressed’ a ‘release’ activate. :confused:

What does it show on the screen when you use print string? If it prints to the screen as expected maybe it’s a bug with debug.

i try in other own proyects and have different times, in one sometimes work as expected others no.

In a new project seems work, (well or almost, sometimes begin on -1 not -7)

Then i open “BlueprintExamples”, and add the code to BP_FPS_CharacterPawn

and same problem.

hope this help

its a bug then?


I’m looking into this issue and so far, I’ve been unable to reproduce this. Would you be able to recreate this in a new project, zip the project and post it somewhere like Sendspace or DropBox or somewhere where I could pull it down and attempt to reproduce it?

If that isn’t possible, would you be able to provide steps you are taking to get this to happen from a new project?



hello, you can’t reproduce in the “BlueprintExamples”? well i must say Blueprint office, sorry

like i say in the previous post if i open the blueprint office" and add your code post above to the
BP_FPS_CharacterPawn the problem its the same. (except begin in -2 not -7(

if you can’t reproduce then the problem must be in my computer, perhaps some weird problem,

can you or anyone check in adding that code to “Blueprint office” example->BP_FPS_CharacterPawn works. ?


today i recheck in few Markplace examples

in the last one seems work right.

now only begin -0.2 seems random …

that seems random, after reboot in one of my projects work (yesterday begin -7) and blueprint office begin near 0, on 0.05

i going to reboot now check if something change.

after reboot -2 on my project and in blueprint office -0.018…

restart engine

-0.13 in blueprint office and -0.86 in my project.

the greatest part time when create new project (3º/1º) works fine but sometimes no.


Something interesting.

if i click build works!

but i must click build every time i open the project.

edit: not always work… i lost i will try when i can in another computer.

Thank you for posting the additional videos and reproduction steps, I have confirmed the issue as well on my end now by using the Blueprint Office example map. I’ve entered a bug into our database for our developers to review and please, if you find issues like this again, let us know so that we may get them into our bug database.


Thank you for the report. With your help and Wes’ reproduction of the problem I was able to find a fix. Unfortunately it has missed the cut off for 4.2, but you if you build your binaries you can apply this fix for it.

every video is unavailable