How geat real time in ARK:Dev Kit

Need real time. In month, year, day, seconds, minutes and etc. How make it?

What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish? The specific implementation would depend on your end goal. You can simply make the matinee_DayTime play slower. Or you could try syncing the matinee with the real world time.
Or do you just want to display the real world time without changing the in game time? The NOW node returns local date and time. UtcNow for the UTC date and time.

I’m not a expert on this subject or particularly knowledgeable, but I think what you need to do if you just want to make the time go slower is change the “Play Rate” parameter of the matinee_dayTime actor. What is should be to make each in game hour a real hour I do not know and might require some experimentation.

If what you want is to sync the in game time with real world time, here is a page with a list of date/time nodes that you may find useful:

In theory, it would probably be easier if upon server launch the server queries the real world time, then sets the matinee_dayTime of a player to the correct place in the timeline when they join, instead of tracking the real time for every player at every second. The timeline runs from 0.00 to 10.30 seconds, with sunrise at aprox. 2.70 and sunset at 9.00, and noon at 5.00. However the time of day would still play at the speed set by the “Play rate” parameter of the matinee_dayTime actor. So if you want players who connect to a server to have a real time 24 hour cycle they would all need to be running the same map with the modified matinee_dayTime.

I think he is looking for something similar to what i created for the UI mod im making, a “real time” clock, it will pull the time from your PC clock so essentially it will show the correct current time for anyone logged in, if that’s the case then in your blueprint add a “Text Block” then bind it to a new binding and put the following stuff in the graph… however i have not tested if it will pull the time correctly for each individual player that is logged in or just the server pc, yet.