How far for the Next Sales?

How far we are from the next Big Sale ???
Do we have any information regarding that ?

Be on touch and you will not miss them :slight_smile:

I got that bad feeling on my Holidays they will start the Big Sales event … when i will be away from my home and from my Computer .

dont you have a smartphone, haha

If you go Greece for 4 weeks do you think am going to check Unreal Engine marketplace ??? or enjoying beach and the Sun!!! dont forget i have 4 weeks holidays Per Year!
I hope you know what is mean England Weather!!! when we see Sun is like a Bless!

That was just a joke :slight_smile: I live in Germany, I know what you mean, haha :slight_smile:

German - England same issue :p​​​​​​​ about the weather , lets hope the Summer Sale is very close !!!