How expensive is event tick?

Hey guys, i just wanted to know how costly event tick is in the grand scale of things.
like currently ive got about 6 different things coming off of it but we’re still in early progress of making our final product.
Is there a standard amount that games use?

Tick is called every frame on every actor (and not only). The time cost of the operations you do in tick is: operation time in one tick * number of frames.

general rule of thumb, if you can do it with custom events, use custom events. if you have to do something every frame but not delta sec dependent, use call a custom event on tick line. lastly, do minimum delta sec related thing and keep it simple if it has to be on tick.(ie homing missiles.)

Ok thanks you, so far im using it for things such as Stamina system, Camera movements with Interps and footstep sounds where it detects and plays cues based upon velocity and surface.
currently getting delta seconds for about 8 things. The thing I’m working on will hopefully become a title however.
Are there any issue anyone can see?

Sometimes you have to use tick. No choice about it. You can limit it to situations though, which can help a lot. For example, only run the tick when the player is falling; or when a key is pressed down.
I did a few simple test by displaying the delta time and adding things to the tick. Sometimes it made a big difference, sometimes it didn’t. It didn’t seem to be stable in that regard. Also, it would be a little different each time I started the game.

I was looking at Far Cry 3 again recently. That game must be sending out loads of traces based on ticks every time you jump. And yes, it does seem to make a noticeable difference to the fps, if you are looking for it. It’s hidden in large movements (jump), motion blur and camera tilts though.