How Epic Can Achieve World Domination!!!

It appears as though there are a lot of people struggling with learning multiple programs. For people creating games they need to know a DCC program (such as Max/Blender etc) and UE. For design professionals, they need a program to produce models and drawings.

UE’s new Mesh Modelling is a fantastic step forward. If it eventually enables people to create and share their own Mesh modifiers (like Tissue for Blender etc.) using Blueprints then it will really take off and people making games will not need DCC programs.

For Epic to achieve world domination they could give UE the ability to produce drawings from the meshes created in UE. There really is an army (many times more people than creating games and product visualizations combined) of people making products (from cups to cars to buildings) that would love to use UE to model and produce drawings. I appreciate that it is a horrible task to allow UE to create drawings but I do believe that it would be a total game-changer. A lot of people (myself included) are fed up with how expensive CAD programs are and would love to learn just one main program for day-to-day work.

At best you could hope for something like Blender, which is already available and free. Why not just use Blender?

My problem is headspace! I am an MEP engineer who wants to do water feature visualizations hence I am trying UE.

Historically I used to model in AutoCAD and render in 3DS Max. The problem was that Max’s render times for water features with lots of particles wasn’t commercially viable and even gave me grey hair in the end!

My current main modeling program is Revit and I am trying to adopt UE for cinematics. Like all of us here I also use lots of other programs in my job such as Autodesk CFD for real-life fluid simulations (example: will my water overflow in my channel), EPANet, etc. To learn Blender (with the MeasureIt plug-in - which isn’t currently strong enough for production drawings but it isn’t far away) on top of everything else is probably too much for my aging brain! Blender has too many bells and whistles making it time-consuming to learn. Look at the success of Twinmotion and Lumion where the UI has been stripped to make them simple to learn.

IMO UE’s Blueprints (BP) are fantastic! If they can one day be used to drive the Mesh dimensions and Metadata then UE can have engineering calculations added to aid modeling. It could become a phenomenal design tool and a drafting program. Admittedly UE would need to eventually be cloud-based since it would be too large for a desktop machine but being able to use just one program would be fantastic. Perhaps you could change/toggle UE’s UI depending on the task you were doing i.e. it could have a Twinmotion UI for quick Level Design for Arch Viz.