how easy would this be

I just finished a coding bootcamp in Chicago but have always been into games. I want to explore game development. How easy is it or may be a better word is realistic would it be to create a clone of a game? Say I wanted to just replicate PUBG for Xbox One to learn. Would that be an avenue? The full stacks I learned always involved a clone project of some already popular app or site. I think I need something similar. I need a project. I just have no idea what is doable and what is not by myself. I am good at graphic design. I am new to coding. But I want to get after this!

By yourself you’re going to be limited by your skills. The gameplay of PUBG isn’t complex, a good programmer could replicate it (or do better) but as a whole package it’s more work than one person can handle. If you’re a beginner with programming you’re going to struggle so it’d be better to work on something smaller. Multiplayer games are especially an issue.