How easy is UE 4?

So I learned how to use Game Maker Studio 2 and i’m looking for something a little bigger. I was wondering with the experience that I have if learning how to use Unreal Engine 4 would be easy? I watched a few videos on it and I just don’t know what I should be expecting and if I should spend my time making games with this yet.

It depends on your previous experience.

For 3D games there is a whole pipeline of programs you need to learn, such as 3DSMax, Maya, or Blender, how to make animations, how to rig the models to be animated, how to unwrap UV’s to apply textures, plus creating the textures. All of that is going to be the same difficult learning curve no matter what engine you use.

If you are more on the programming side do s few tutorials and then join one of the teams looking for a programmer for a game jam. If you are more on the Art side you can do tutorials on other sites like 3DBuzz.

If you have not made a complete game in Game Maker yet, my best advice is to make a complete one in it and publish it first, because with the learning you will need to do in UE4 it will be a long time before you are ready to make a complete game in it.

Well then, ill need to get learning then. Thanks!

It’s not easy, not sure what you wanted to hear.

Salutations ,

Wow! I am quite impressed, since the beta for Game Maker Studio 2 just released yesterday and you have already learned it. (It looks really really polished)
Due to this I believe you should have no troubles learning UE4.

I would suggest starting with some of the great video tutorials that Epic provides on their official YouTube account.

You can find them organized by type here:

If you prefer C++ and are willing to spend a little bit of money there is a great course on Udemy:

Wow thanks!!

I suggest learning game design on a whole before going into an engine.
No matter the engine, the ideals are the same.

Ue4 does AAA 3d games very well, but if wanted something more tranditional 2D, then UE4 is overkill and will have to turn some things off to make it work.