How does work an auto pickup?


there is a post about this topic? I havent found…
My issue: I will mod a storage box was auto pickup an item in range xx

Maybe has someone a idee to resolve this issue…

Thank you.


I can’t find it either. I know it exists, because I posted my egg collector in it. You’ll have to determine how to “initiate” it, but here’s what my egg collector does:

wow Huston850, I will test it, thank you very much :cool:

Somehow it does not work

Because “Is Active” isn’t true. Just remove that checkpoint.

It works now but the fertilized egg will not pick up?
What do you inputted in the second box “Substring”?

The second substring branch is to check for fertilized eggs. When “Find Substring” returns -1, it means it was not found. So that is saying “if string does not contain ‘ferti’ then go on.” Just switch that branch to false or remove it to get it to pickup fertilized eggs.

It works, thanky you for the help:cool:

Hello again,
how can I pull dino inventory to my storage box?
Ex.: pull snail paste from Achatina to my storage box.

Few tips:

1.) Use “Is Preview Structure” to check if a structure is placed instead of the location check.
2.) There is a variable called “Container Activated” which will serve the same purpose as your custom IsActive variable.
3.) Set the class filter to the class you want(ie Dropped_Item) as it will save iterations. It’s also better to use an Octree as it will be more performant than an overlap(it won’t be a perfect sphere so if thats important to you then check the distance which will exclude items outside the desired radius)
4.) You can simply check “Is Egg” instead of searching the class string for PrimalItemConsumable_Egg.
5.) You can check if the “Egg Dino Class to Spawn” is null or not instead of searching the class string for Ferti.

I would also use a timer instead of a retriggerable delay since it leads to more readable code. If your goal is not allow your structure to go into stasis then simply check “Prevent Actor Stasis”.

I do not know if I understand correctly.
Is this a way to pull dino inventory to a storage box?

No, he is just giving some pointers to optimize your original setup.
Pulling from a dino inventory would be pretty much the same but you’d want to get the snails inventory from the overlap and check that for items.
IE something like this: Overlap>ForEach>Snail>SnailInventory>BPGetItemofTemplate/Or string search it

ah okay thany you…

You should be able to use this logic to grab nearby tames and check their inventory, and then move that inventory to the storage box. You’d just have to change/add some things.

It’s totally confused for me, can someone show an BP for a beginner so I can better understand this?
Sorry for my english…