How does Voice work using Steam on a remotely hosted server?

I currently have a server hosted on Azure that I am connecting to using Steam as my online subsystem. Using the Null subsystem users can voice chat with other players. Using Steam makes it so that this functionality breaks.

Watching packets, we can see that voice data is being sent from one client:

However, it is never received by the other:

This leads me to believe that I have not opened the proper ports for voice connections with Steam, I have opened and set up endpoints for all of the ports listed [here][3] as well as the UE4 game port 7777. I even went so far as to open the ports on both the clients and the server, but to no avail.
Am I still missing some obscure port not mentioned anywhere?
What else could be the cause of this issue in this case?


Dedicated server is not supported with steam voice, that’s why.
Client packets are sent to the server but because there isn’t any voice interface, the dedicated server drops them.
You can take my change if you want to enable the voice chat with a dedicated server and steam.



This is pretty much what my research turned up as well. Our team just decided to make our own dedicated server advertising system.