How does top down template movement work?

I want to edit the walk speed. I found i can edit the walk speed by changing the speed in the character movement component in the editor so i lowered it to 300. Now i want to increase it back to 600 when control is held but i dont see where i can add the nodes in a way that makes sense. The picture is best i have gotten so far. it doesnt change the speed but it will move the character it i click or if i press control.

The fastest way based on your setup would be to right click the node that casts to the top down character and create a pure cast.

You dont need a reference to the top down character to change walk speed though. You just need character movement. So if you connect the get player character node to character movement it should fix it.

You can also call GetControlledPawn and cast to Character and itll work too.

The reason its failing is because the cast never executes when you press ctrl. Connect the cast to the pressed pin and itll work too.

Thank you! It works for the most part although just pressing ctrl will move the character without a mouse click. But i think i can handle that.
Edit: I got it to work by putting all those nodes into the MoveToHitLocation Function.

Hey sorry I just saw this lol. But it looks like you’ve connected the simple move to location to the left ctrl event so if you break that node everything should be solid. Unless you have a specific reason for doing that, you dont need it.

Also checking if the key is down is a bit redundant. You dont need that branch there. It also looks like you need to reset the speed on the keys released event. You can use a flip flop node to toggle it on pressed too