How does the root joint work with a custom skeleton?

Hello everyone I am stuck with a rigging issue. I need to make a few custom rigs and I am trying to understand the relation of the root bone (0,0,0) to the rig. I know the pelvic joint needs to be attached and I can see the wrist joints to the hand also attached (parented). I am used to making rigs for animated productions with Maya so what I am asking is best practices for using the root in relation to the rig and how it should be hooked up?

Do I need to attach IK handles to it as well?

FWIW, what you are seeing on the rigs is not exactly the wrist bone. There are essentially 2 wrist bones – one that is within the hierarchy (shoulder>elbow>wrist) and the other that is off of the root (root>wrist_ik).

It’s more efficient to use an IK that has a ‘shorter’ path to the end bone, rather than having to calculate it all the way through the skeleton (root>hips>spine1>spine2> etc… > wrist) to calculate it.

But! Unless you need to actually use IK in your game you can ignore this. It’s generally a good idea to include the IK bones in the skeleton in case you might need to use them later, though. (you never know and they’re cheap to keep around)

aw ok that makes more sense thank you

Happy to help! If this answers your issue feel free to mark as ‘answered’