How does the non-spatialized field work for Attenuation settings for box type shape?

I’m using an Audio Component that’s shape box, and I would like it to not spatialize, but still attentuate. As in has falloff but the volume gets quieter and louder as you approach/leave uniformly.

Right now when I click spatialize I will hear the sound coming from the center of the box, but when I click off spatialize there is no attenuation. It’s either full volume or nothing and falloff doesn’t seem to respond.

So I figure, okay lets click spatialize, but we’ll use the non-spatialized radius field. I set this value to some silly number like 99999999 and it works…

so i’m interested to know how it works. The box shape has 3 different values the engine needs to consider for the non- spatial field to work. Does it just base this distance from the location of the actual audio component speaker? Is there some way to mathematically figure out how big that value should be without using some stupidly high number?

TIA :slight_smile:

,Did you make sure when you set the settings you made sure the audio source has the attenuation asset selected under Attenuation settings? If that doesn’t do it try changing the shape.