How does the 'Loudness' in Make Noise relate to an AI's hearing sense?

Hi I’m trying to implement hearing sense for my AI using the AI Perception component. When the player character creates a sound using the ‘Make Noise’ function, the AI registers it when the source location is within it’s hearing range. But I would like to create different types of noises, say like a footstep sound that can be heard only to about 300 units, while an alarm sound could be heard by any unit within 500 units. And specifically, what kind of relation does the ‘Loudness’ setting of a noise have to the distance at which it could be heard? Is the capsule component radius of hearing AI bot taken into account when calculating this distance? Is it like a linear falloff or some other sort of function?

After some testing, I realized that the capsule component of the listener isn’t taken into account for this calculation. So is the distance calculated from the actor location of the listener?

I’ve tried plotting down the distance vs loudness curve with loudness values between 0.05 and 10 and the curve seems to be representing something similar to the positive quadrant of a normal sideways parabola. But my observation values are not entirely accurate as the distance is calculated my moving the player character. Is it possible if someone from Epic could give out the formula for the same, or atleast confirm whether it’s a parabola or not?

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Hi there, I’d like to know it too