How does the lens quality affect texture creation in RC?

Hi! We have a full body scanner with 126 raspberry pi`s (8 Megapixel) and I try to get the best out of texture as I can, but any try to raise tex resolution above 2048 failed (tex space was filled up only to the 1st quarter…). If I raise tex res in the settings and in unwrap to 4096 or 8192 the result is always a cutted text space. Whats wrong? - thx 4 any hint!

Have a look at your input pictures and try to evaluate the available resolution - RC won’t go above usually.

8 MP is not that much, and it also depends on the lens and your subject filling in the frame - when you want a lot of details you have to do close ups, and use high res sensors (20 MP - 50 MP).

Maybe you can post your unwrap settings, just in case we see something wrong.


Yes, lens quality does mater. In photography increasing the sensors resolution is only half the battle. Lenses have microscopic imperfections depending on how well the surface has been polished, impurities within the glass itself, and ect.

If you look at p-mpix this is perceptual megapixels and is a objective attempt to measure a lens and sensor’s ability to resolve the smallest details. 

RC must be able to resolve those details in order to map them in 3D space. Even a higher megapixel camera will not help if the glass can not resolve those details.

This is a very brief overview of how glass effects resolution, and the story can get quite complicated. 

Is it possible that it’s just a misunderstanding of the settings? Depending on what method for unwrap you use, raising the size of the texture map will nor change anything. I would try with “fixed texel size” and set it to lower than the estimation (at least half). Then you should be able to see what is possible…