how does the Assets Dynamic Loading System wokring?

When I use “FStringAssetReference” to dynamic load a material asset file from other people edit and cooked in their own Unreal Editor. problem is that :the material linked to other texture asset. but the texture asset file can’t be loaded. because I don’t know what textures the material need.and where to find the texture. because the all of the asset file was edit by other people.
and how to regist a asset file to the AssetRegister system. it may solve the proble above.

当我用 "FStringAssetReference" 去动态加载一个其他人在虚幻编辑器中制作和烘培的材质文件的时候,问题就出现在,这个材质的贴图加载不出来,因为我不知道这个材质要加载哪些贴图,这几个材质想要去加载贴图的路径跟我的运行程序也不一致,应为这个材质是其他人编辑的,我不知道他这个材质引用了那个路径下的贴图文件。
如果你知道如何用C++讲一个资源文件注册到 资源注册表 的话,应该可以解决上述问题。