How does the AnswerHub system works?

I’ve asked a simple question and even one nice person tried to help I stiil didn’t get the answer. But looks like Sean Flint already marked our discussion as a resolved. What should I do now? Write another question? How could I ask him to explain the answer now? There is no PM functionality.

Hi Two-faced.

I’m sorry if your issue was accidentally marked as ‘Resolved’ by staff. However, as the question-asker, all you need to do is click the green check-mark next to the answer to un-accept it.

“Resolved” is not the same as “closed” or “locked”. Additional activity can still occur.

Many people forget to ‘accept’ an answer when it holds a solution, so Epic staff sometimes try to help keep things organized by accepting them. It may have been done incorrectly in this case.


Thanks for your assistance anyway guys! Just could you demark
Just to avoid for misunderstanding that is actually leads me to ask such stupid question there) After I finally get what i’m doing wrong there will be green field, i promise)