How does the AddMovementInput() function interact with Velocity?

I try to find where the code actually move the Character, but I can not find it. I am using “Go to Difinition” key in Visual Studio.

AddMovementInput(Direction, Value);


void APawn::Internal_AddMovementInput(FVector WorldAccel, bool bForce /*=false*/)
{ if (bForce || !IsMoveInputIgnored())
  [INDENT=2]ControlInputVector += WorldAccel;[/INDENT]

I have searched “ControlInputVector” in “Entire Solution”, but nothing useful.
I have also searched
and still nothing.
Can anyone show me where this ControlInputVector interacts with Velocity?

do you include the head file for the movement component?
the first , movement component is the character’s function, you must have a character, then you can must include the head like this "#include “GameFramework/CharacterMovementComponent.h”
the full codes is

const FRotator rotation = Controller->GetControlRotation();
const FRotator rotationYaw(0, rotation.Yaw, 0);

    FVector _forward = FRotationMatrix(rotationYaw).GetUnitAxis(EAxis::X);

    AddMovementInput(_forward, value);

the commuinty is doesn’t support syntax. so bad feel.
you can use the code for your work. hope can help you.

I know how to use this function, I just want to know the working theory of this function.
Thank you for reply, but please read the content before you reoly.