How does ShooterGame Sample attach weapon to hands?

I’m a new guy here, so excuse me if I am posting something wrong. I want to know how does “ShooterGame Sample” attach weapons to the player’s hand? How can Same thing be achieved using blueprints?

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The tutorial number 3 explain it.

I recommend them all. They are very instructive!

You go into you’re animation blueprint then switch tabs to skeleton mode.

Then on the side will be a list of all the bones the skeleton has.

Scroll down untill you find the bone for either the left hand or right hand where you want the weapon to be. Then right click the bone a select create socket

Rename this socket to whatever you want eg sword socket ,gun socket

Then right click the new socket and select add preview asset. Then search for you’re asset that you want to attach

Quickly select the animation tab and set it to none this will put the character into a t pose state and stop it from moving. Once the asset is in the view use the transform and rotate tools to roughly position it where you want

Now go into you’re character blueprint. Under the components tab add a static mesh and rename it to what you want eg sword, gun

On the right In the details click the static mesh and find the asset you wish to Use eg the gun or sword model.

Then again In the details find where it says parent socket and set this to the same as the socket you created earlier eg gun socket sword socket.

Now you should see the sword or gun attached to the model. Again go to details and turn the animation off so he is in a t pose and adjust the scale , transform and rotation untill you’re model is set up how you want .

I’m at work at the moment but I can add pictures and that

Okay, thank you! :smiley: