How does Remap NPC work?

I’m trying to make a mod like Balance Evolved ( that replaces dinos without requiring a TC or requiring complete NPC Spawn Entry remapping. The benefit of this is that you avoid the rediculous added load time of the TC, and you maintain much more save game compatability than just remapping npc spawns.

I thought the way you do this is just by using Remap NPC, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Currently I"m thinking its a script that runs on the Loaded World function in PrimalGateData, but I don’t know if its class remap or whatever.

If anyone has done this before, I would much appreciate if you give me some pointers on the script.


Okay, what are you doing, and how it the Remap NPC not working?
I use it for the dinos in my mod ArkDinos. All the base dinos are remapped and I’ve added 6 or so custom ones.

Remap NPC is pretty simple.
What you are replacing in first drop down.
What you are replacing with on the second.

I’m doing it pretty much the same you are. First drop down is the original character_bp and the second one is my own one. I have about 23 dinos in my first build I tested out in single player and nothing was replaced.

Does stuff like having seperate character status value files or color components matter?

Also is it supposed to completely replace all dinos, even original ones summoned by the console, or does it only work on naturally spawned dinos?

Just an fyi. Remap does NOT affect already existing dino’s, only new spawns so you either gotta go on a mass killing spree or do cheat destroywilddinos

Ah ok. Although I think I did do destroywilddinos and the argents that were spawning in afterwards were vanilla argents and not my argents.

Does cooking it to local directory instead of uploading to steam workshop make a difference?