How Does One Rig & Animate?

So I’m a bit confused on how to go about rigging and animating, I use 3ds Max 2015 and Unreal Engine (duh). I also have Motion Builder, but I haven’t messed with that.
So do I rig and make animations for my character in 3ds max and then export it to Unreal Engine? Or do I rig and animate my character in Unreal Engine? And what is A.R.T exactly? Is it part of Unreal Engine? A plugin for Maya? Should I use it? Is there a plugin for 3ds Max as well?

You create your rigg and animation in a 3d program (in your case 3ds max) :slight_smile:
After that import them into the UE4.

It’s also possible to create animations in the UE4, but there you are not so flexible.
A.R.T is a plugin for maya to create riggs and animations -> Maya Animation Rigging Toolset | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you fighter, so in your opinion, just stick to using 3d program since it offers more than UE4?

Lot of stuff to look at, that is out there in the internet world. To get a basic overview and to see someone’s 2d workflow, here is a set of tutorials that I looked at recently and really loved: 01 Creating 2D Art For Game Engines Layered Photoshop Files - YouTube
Granted, it’s 2d and Maya, but there is a lot to learn here.
Good Luck!

Yep, just use a 3d program :slight_smile: