How Does One Keep a Marquee Selection from Changing Coordinate with the Viewport?

Bottom-Line-Up-Front. I’m trying to create a marquee selection for an RTS style game. When I click and hold, I want the marquee to begin drawing, when I release I want all units under the drawn marquee to become selected, and I want the marquee to stay relative to the world not to the viewport. I have all but the last part (the marquee being relative to the world vice the viewport) working.

Context. I’ve followed a YouTube guide that has worked well except for one issue. The marquee is drawing as a HUD component and the selection feature works, but as I pan the viewport to bring additional units under the marquee for selection, the drawn marquee pans with the viewport. This means that the maximum size of the marquee is the size of my viewport and the original units I was trying to include in the selection are no longer under the marquee once I pan so far that they are out of the viewport, thus they do not get selected when I release my click.

Question. Using blueprints, how do I get the X, Y coordinates for the point I clicked to begin the marquee and the point I released the marquee to achieve the described desired outcome?

Thank you for any advice and suggestions!

Hey @Moose13
you are currently saving the screen position when drawing as you said. What happens if you save the WorldLocation of your mouse and then convert this back to your ScreenLocation?

Or this: