How does live coding work?

There is not a ton of information on the live coding feature inside of UE5. I was wondering if one of you kind folks would have tried it out already and would be able to give me a rundown of how to use the live coding feature. In UE4 I would just compile and it would hot-reload inside of the editor.

I was reading that the version in UE4 has some limitations. “Note: With UE4’s Live Coding, changes to header files that result in changes to UCLASS, UINTERFACE, USTRUCT, UENUM, or UFUNCTION elements are not supported. Live Coding is intended mostly for simple and strategic changes to routines.” From the Live Coding Primer post on these forums.

Do these limitations still exist in the UE5 version?

Do I just have to hit ctrl+alt+f11 and it will compile and do everything for me?

Thank you for your answers :smiley:

For anyone who sees this in the future, the answer is pretty much all the limitations that existed before appear to be gone. I have yet to run into a situation in which live coding has not compiled or loaded in the changes.