How does HasMatchingGameplayTag node works? Is it working currently at all?

For the context, I’m working on RTS style game. I’m trying to use GameplayTags feature to check Actors from the array (when units selected with a marquee box) for their tags and if tag matches “Ally” add it to the Array of selected units. I’m using HasMatchingGameplayTag node and it returns only False. I did and “Eject” (during the editor play session) and confirmed that unit I’m trying to select was spawned in the world with correct Ally tag on it.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong, how does it suppose to work and is it working at all? Do I need recover tags from the array some different way?

The actor you’re testing needs to implement the interface “GameplayTag Asset Interface”.
This is not available in blueprint, it’s a cpp stuff only.
I think that certain components (also available only in CPP) can provite you that interface.

Doesn’t work for me either

Actually, not only available in CPP, GameplayEffects can grant you that as well