How does does the sequence in the MetaHumans sample project start?

I’m a UE beginner playing with the MetaHumans project, and trying to figure out things work.

This seems simple, but how does MetaHumansSample_Sequence actually get started? It’s a cinematic sequence that plays when the app is launched.

I see the sequence referenced in two places:

  • In BP_AutoRun, as an input into an Open Asset node, which is triggered by the On Tutorial Launched event.
  • In the MetaHumanSample level, as a component.

I understand that the BP_AutoRun blueprint inherits from the “Event Tutorial” class, but I don’t understand how the “On Tutorial Launched” event gets triggered. The blueprint does not appear to be related to any components in the MetaHumanSample level, so how would an instance of the tutorial be created?

I thought maybe the sequence started itself, separately from the Blueprint, but in the component settings, “Auto Play” is not checked.

So, where is the magic happening that starts the sequence?

Okay, found out the blueprint is unrelated, because I broke the link to Open Asset, and the sequence still played. So it must not be the trigger (confusing that it’s included the project).

Also, the component in the level is actually a “LevelSequenceActor”. According to the UE4 docs, autoplay flag is deprecated, so I looked into the source for LevelSequenceActor.cpp. The actor has a PlaybackSettings (FMovieSceneSequencePlaybackSettings) property that determines whether to auto play, which defaults to false.

I am stuck trying to find out how FMovieSceneSequencePlaybackSettings gets configured in the editor.

Removing the Level Sequence, and then re-adding it made the “Auto Play” flag work again.

I’m guessing there was just a bug with the MetaHumans project file.