How Does Delta Work?

I understand the concept behind what delta is. I tried programming my own engine for the longest time and used it there.

I just want to know if when you call event tick, it already takes delta into consideration.

For example, let’s say I want to regenerate a character’s health in event tick. Would I need to multiply the regeneration rate by delta to make the rate the same, regardless of how fast the computer is running? Or does Unreal Engine take care of this and I just update it without multiplying by delta?

Any insight on this is appreciated.

EDIT: I didn’t know timer was a thing. I will check that out

If you use tick to update a value and don’t scale it by delta then the value is bound by the speed of the CPU, there is no magic functions involved. You will have to scale it by delta to have the value bound by Time.

Delta emh, velocity=delta/time that is a use of it, but “cmon” regenerate health? couldn’t you just use a timer… do whatever you want, though this is just an opinion.

I would personally also use a timer instead of Tick.