How does CryZENx make his characters

I’m new at Unreal Engine 4, so I’m wondering how I make models and animations for my game, like CryZENx does.

The typical process for any game engine is to use a 3rd party software like Maya, 3dsmax, blender. Then sculpt high resolution details in a program like blender or zbrush. Bake those details to an uv unwrapped low poly mesh. Then create texture maps based on the uv maps of the low poly. Finally you need to rig, skin and animate the model which you can do in blender, Maya, 4dcinema etc. The entire process can take as long as a week from start to finish for a game ready high detail character model.

I am not sure if he is making any models. Like he said he is not rigging which means he just find/buy models with rigged and skinned body. To be honest if he makes all these characters it would take him forever.

Instead of this he is focusing on showing good side of Unreal Engine 4 (blueprints). He has powerful PC (the most important) so he can run cool tests like Kite demo with some famous characters: Luigi (Mario Bross), Sonic, Pikachu (Pokemon), Goku (Dragon Ball), Link (Legend of Zelda) etc.

I like his work more than some other guys just recording minecraft or other gameplays on Youtube.