How does casting work in 4.7?

In 4.6 and below casting was very simple in blueprints, all you had to do was right click and either type “Cast to” or the name of whatever you were casting to to place down a node. However in 4.7 this is not the case, I’ve tried looking online but anything do with casting is either to do with casting to the player controller which has remained pretty much the same as it did in 4.6 or tutorials that were made pre-4.7 that don’t offer any help. I’ve also looked at the Docs for casting but they don’t appear to be updated for 4.7. Could someone explain how it works in 4.7 or send a guide?

Thanks in advance.

I’m un-able to reproduce your problem, casting has not changed in 4.7.

I made a new blank project, created a new player controller, in the event graph I right clicked and typed “cast to” all the cast results showed up.

Can you try reproducing this in a new project?

Is the question what to use as Input of the Cast note when you are casting to another blueprint? Otherwise I don’t understand what you mean :o