How does Assassins creed Climbing / parkour system Work and How to create a similar one in UE4

So How does AC’s parkour system work (or just climbing ) . I heard that they mark climbable ledges . If that’s true . then how can i recreate the Parkour System in UE4 . like the techniques . i am not asking about a BP tutorial or a step by step … I just want to know the logic behind it . I tried using traces … but i failed miserably . i created a Glitch fest .

please don’t link any tutorials from crocopede since i have already watched it and another similar one .

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


Maybe these will be insightful:

thank you . i have already seen it but . lets just say that i want to stay away from that channel … for a good reason

Old thread but I’m beyond curious about that reason.