How do you use the new RigidBody animation node to do "Cheap" Ragdolls?

I did some searching on this and couldn’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

As shown in Epic’s video below (16m 41s in) the new RigidBody node can be used to do cheap ragdoll simulations. From what I gather each simulate their own bodies and collide with world static geometry but not anything else.

It’s seems easy to use RigidBody to do ponytails and “dangly bits”. You just insert the RigidBody node right before your final pose and then set the physics type of the bodies you want simulated to “simulate” in your physics asset. (They also recommend using a separate physics asset for your character that only has bodies for the “dangly” bits)

I’m guessing for ragdolls you would just set all bodies to simulate. However I think there must also be property changes you need to make in your character’s skeletal mesh component to transition into ragdoll? For example if I have my mesh using the “character” collision preset it will just fall through the floor when it goes into simulation mode.

It seems everything I’ve tried that does actually get my characters to go into ragdoll and not just fall through the floor would also work even if i wasn’t using the RigidBody node. So it makes me feel like I must not be setting it up correctly.

I’m hoping someone can outline the steps required to get everything setup properly.