How do you use the new map extension feature

So I’m still a bit new to modding Ark. I haven’t seen anything on the new map extension feature yet. Can anyone give me some pointers on how I would go about doing something like adding some floating islands or something?
I know there was a mod released by a wildcard dev with floating islands, I just want to make some somewhere else. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Any update on this? I’m fairly new to modding and would also like to know how the new map extension feature works :slight_smile:

u cant unless u got the files off gethub which i been asking for weeks now on how to get it but seems no one likes answering u just have to wait til the devs update the devkit via epic launcher

Its in the last two GitHub updates, the button to cook map extensions is in the cook window.

but how to u get or download the update off github?

You need to link your unreal account and github together in the account settings, simply log into github and link them.

i did that i logged in to gethub but it still gives me a 404 error

ok i got it now figured it out of course they wouldn’t tell u after u goto ur setting on the unreal4 website and add ur github name and hit save goto ur email and accept the invitation from unrealengine after that then u can goto and it will show up

Sorry to go abit off-topic but does anyone know why my textures are not loading when i use the map extension feature? the terrain textures are loading as the standard chequered box texture

Same thing happened to me. Seems like this is an issue that can’t be solved until they do a real update to the dev kit