How do you use the "Complex Collision Mesh" field in a static mesh?

In the static mesh editor, under collision in the details tab, at the very bottom is a field to supply another mesh to use for the collision.

When I select another mesh, a blue wireframe of it appears in the viewport (if complex collision is turned on).

However, I cannot for the life of me get it to actually collide with anything. If I set the view mode to player collision, I can still see the blue wireframe of the supplied collision, but it’s not filled in like other collision would be.

Anyone know how to get this to generate usable collision?

In the static mesh editor, where the collision is set to ‘project default’, change that to ‘use complex as simple’

Yeah, I tried all of those, none of them do anything. Switching it to Use Complex as Simple just makes the static mesh use the visuals for collision.

Okay, apparently that is the solution. Player collision just lies… I just tried in game and it is using the collision mesh, it just doesn’t draw it. :frowning:

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No, you wont see collision during game play :wink:

Thank you for that comment. I’ve been fighting for hours with unreal because I thought it was using the mesh geometry as complex collision instead the Complex Collision Mesh. It’s really odd.