How do you use List View in a widget blueprint?

So in my game, I want a scoreboard. To do that I thought the best way is to use the list item in a widget blueprint but I have no idea how this works and can’t find any examples. The list must be changeable according to a variable. When I drag and drop the List View item on the canvas panel it comes up with this:
There is no EntryWidgetClass specified on this list.
Even if doing custom stuff this is always required as a fallback.

Please help with simple explanations.
Fyi I use blueprints.
Thanks in advance

You need to create another widget blueprint that implements the IUserObjectListEntry interface for it to be selectable as EntryWidgetClass. An instance of this widget will be created for each visible item in the list and it will receive the OnListItemObjectSet event, with the UObject that widget should represent. Then you cast the object to whatever type your list is displaying and use it to update the item.

Sorry, I don’t understand how your explanation so please make it clearer by explaining like if I knew nothing.

Can’t help much if I have no idea of what you know and what you don’t. Make more specific questions about the explanation and I’ll be able to answer.

See that.