How do you use level streaming volumes in 4.14?

how do you use level streaming volumes in 4.14?

I have tried tutorial videos, but none of the stuff in any of the tutorial videos exists in current unreal… How do i add levels to the streamingvolume? Rightclicking in the level browser does not give that option.


Some Documentation for these went out a couple of releases ago that should help you get started.

This must be out of date…Stream Sublevels with Level Streaming Volumes | Unreal Engine Documentation

In that link there is no streaming volumes option under level details.

In fact in most of those links… many options simply dont exist… liek right clicking to set somethings stream method…

Heck… even in the levels window drop down menu add existing doesnt even exist… new level does…

Update* It looks like none of that shoped up because enable world composition was checked on… not quite sure what word composition is then… if its not for streaming levels…

THe question is now … how do i use blueprints for streaming levels in and out if they are always streamed in with world composition? This is in the cases that i need world comp on…

Step 4 I think is missing a picture to show the level Details Icon. It’s the icon next to drop-down arrow next to levels. It has the magnifying glass and ?. I’ll fix that by adding that picture. It can be a little misleading otherwise with how to get to these settings.

World composition vs Level Streaming:

Level Streaming use volumes and Bluprints for loading and unloading levels. World Composition is a way to have endless worlds using landscapes. This is a method that was used to create the 16x16km landscape for the Kite Demo two years ago. World Composition has a world overlay for these tiled landscapes that know when you get near the next one to go ahead and load it in. If World composition is enabled Level Streaming Volumes is disabled.

With Level Streaming you have two methods, blueprints and volumes.

With Blueprints you call Load Stream Level/Unload Level via trigger boxes to load these in and out.

With these, you can have the same triggers but no need to load and stream these in via BP. Just place the volume around the actors you want to have in the volume. Then as you move into the volume they load in. All LSVolumes must be in the Persistent Level. The example we have in Content Examples shows this method off if there is any question about it.

THanks. My main confusion was that i had my project set to use world comp… which confused me because the regular level streaming options did not appear and I did not understand why.

Thanks again.