How do you update Unreal Engine?

I have been using version 4.7.6. When I download 4.8, all I get is another launcher installer. How do I actually update from my current engine version to the newest one? I tried installing the new launcher, but that did not update anything. It’s still the same version as before.

Hi MrFix -

When you open the Launcher, go to your library Tab. At the top you should see Engine Versions, and next to that you will see a Plus Icon with Add Versions next to it. Clicking that link will give you the option to install a new version of the engine, it should default to 4.8.2 as the icon appears below where you clicked. If it does not then you can click the small down arrow and choose the version you wish to install. Finally click the Install button under the engine version.

Once it is installed and everything is working for you, you can click the small down arrow in the Launch icon on the 4.7.6 version and uninstall.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Wow. Thank you. I must have looked everywhere except the library tab. Solved.

To clarify, the Library tab is located under the Unreal Engine tab in the Epic Games Launcher.

Late curiously,but is there a way to manually grab update,. say for those of us in a situation were we can’t get our own desktop to a connection ?\

T hx

Yes there is, you can go to the Library tab and click the Add Versions. Then from there you can choose which version you want to download. But in order to do this, you need to uninstall your current version of Unreal Engine. Hope this helps.

So …this downloads engine to hdd w/ installing right…i need the whole complete engine so I can take to non connected
Computer and get working.offline.


Yes but you need internet while it is downloading. After that it will work offline. Hope this helps.

sorry if I wasn’t clear, but the desktop has nowifi ( though I can buy a card or get usb stick with wifi if I need to, yesl

I meant honestly, can I download this on my laptop , then take that and place on my desktop system to install ? That would alleviate need to buy a wifi adapter for desktop. We won’t have internet at home,for awhile.

Sorry for confusion.

What you could do is to download it on your laptop and put the software on a flash drive. Then you plug in into the desktop and use it from there. This is an option but if you would rather prefer buying usb stick with wifi and just straight up installing on the desktop, you can do that too.

Hope this helps.

Really? installing new version instead of update?
It is really crazy that for updating a program with that huge size you need to completelysitting an hour to download new version!! while just an update package can solve the problem! Time and Bandwidth are M O N E Y.