How do you trigger spawn a bot/bad guy

I am still learning how to do stuff from youtube tutorials. Made a CTF map but I want to make something a little different.
Is there a youtube tutorial that shows how to make bots stand guard at a base until you get there?
Or an invisible box you walk through that trigger spawns a bot further on down around the corner?

Can you confirm that you’re using UDK and not UE4? If you actually are using UDK, then what you want is to create a trigger volume, then in Kismet create an event with that trigger volume. I’m sure if you Google for tutorials on Kismet and trigger volumes, you’ll be able to figure it out.

I think there are many ways to do that. I have about 1000 bots on my map, which are sleeping (hidden, settickdisabled) from 5000 uu. When you get close, they wake up.

The 1000 bots sleeping are wasting about 1 ms. I have plan to store in arrays, then destroy them, and spawn from the array when the player is near. I did some tests and works well.
But this is good only if the map are large. If you have a small map with 100 bots, the sleep method is better.

I also have an actor who will spawn a certain number of bots (archetypes) within a radius when the player is near.