How do you trigger custom animations in the Animation Blueprint event graph?

So I have some animations working but all my event graph stuff has come from tutorials.

I’m trying to add crouching before I add other custom animations. I have the crouching working in FPS view with this that I setup in the characters BP:


But I’m not sure how to toggle my IsCrouching bool in the animation blueprint event graph so that the third person mesh crouches. Heres what I setup for the running/jumping.


Anybody know how to trigger my crouching bool and other custom animations I’ve setup in the animation blueprint?


what node is crouch?

You need create a bool “IsCrouching” to set in the player bp and cast the variable in the event graph.


Good news is that I’ve got it working in single player. Bad news is that this is a multiplayer game. I’ve set both IsCrouching variables to replicate but it doesn’t show up on the players screens when I crouch. It only shows up when I crouch in my own screen.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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sorry but in multiplayer I cannot helper, I dont know nothing about how work multiplayer.