How do you test making a mobile game using an ipad or similar device?

i was wondering id go about making a simple touch screen game for like my Tablet.

how would i start doing that? woulndt i need to run UE4 on the tablet so i can test out touch screen capability?? of that possible do you just tone the graphics down to run it???

Does anyone have any idea how this is possible?? Is the unreal editor touchscreen friendly?

I can’t imagine running the editor on a tablet is advised or even possible. I think you would have to use a remote service like LogMeIn or hope the editor is compatible (and functional) with a Windows Surface tablet.

If you’re talking about deploying the game (not the editor) to a tablet device you own, there’s a lot of information available in the documentations:

Android (Notable requirement: You need to install the Android SDK)

iOS (Notable requirement: You need to subscribe for an Apple’s Developer iOS account for provisioning profiles)

Mobile Overview

Ok. Thank you very much for the information.

If you are trying to run your program on mac OS X, you probably will use Xcode for most of the projects. If you are trying to run your program on windows, you will probably want to use android studio or microsoft visual studio to package your project.//This is awesome c++ code