How do you take a screenshot in blueprint?

i often see blueprint screenshots. how do i do it?

Use standard key for Windows OS - “PrtScr”, this take screenshot in clipboard. Then paste from clipboard to “Paint”.

Personally, I like the Snipping tool in Windows 7+. You can launch it from Start menu/Accessories. It allows to select an area for capture, then draw on it and save as PNG or JPEG. The best part of it is that it’s already there, you don’t have to launch Paint and manually trim the image, and its icon looks like scissors :slight_smile:

+1 for Snipping tool. Probably the handiest thing Microsoft has ever given us…

Sadly snipping tool cannot make screenshot if blueprint is bigger. I would like to take screenshot of a full blueprint without joining small images together.

Ahh apparently there is a solution in works … #UE-9309

Move the Blueprint window out of Unreal Engine window and use Alt + PrtScr to snapshot the focused window.