How do you support os

when I go to press launch for fortnite it says Unsupported OS and I need to fix it so please tell me how.

for fortnite issues go to the fortnite support page. you wont find any help here. also when you have an issue like this and you want help provide more information so the person helping you has something to work with.

This website is intended for UE4 developers to get technical assistance. For Fortnite issues, please visit:

There you will find various troubleshooting articles and an Email Us button you can use to get in touch with the Epic support staff who can assist you further.

Any general questions regarding Fortnite should be directed to the Fortnite forums, located here:

This site is for questions about development using Unreal Engine 4.

For support with Fortnite, go to

For your particualr issue, you might want to look at this page and check you’re running a compatible version of Windows: Asistencia de Fortnite | Ayuda y servicio de atención al cliente para Fortnite