How do you suck physics objects towards player?

I’m trying the get a mechanic working for a game where i can move physics object to the player, I’m hoping to find a way to keep the Z affected by gravity but thats not that important. The problem im running into right now is that its setting the linear velocity in the event tick but once it has a direction to move it doesn’t change anymore. it will always move in the direction. I was working with force and impulse it doesn’t provide a smooth movement and came with the same problems.

The image attached is the object being moved, the players only interaction is to start the movement and provides no further input. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve hit a wall after a rabbit hole of googling that got me this far.

You need to tick ‘simulate physics’ on the mesh :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry, put brain in gear. You need to get world location of the mesh, not the BP. That’s whats screwing it up.


1 - You must have a sphere collider or some other collider around the player:

2- create the logic, where when you press a button, searches for all actors that simulate physics inside the collider, and apply a negative radial force to them:

Thank you so much! switching it to find the mesh instead of the actor fixed everything![video][/video]

There is also an actor component doing this. It’s called “Physics Handle”.