How do you store a possessed pawn as your player character when loading or opening another map?

How do I store my possessed pawn as my character when I’m loading or opening another map using via blueprints?

You start out with a default player pawn. Then I possess another pawn (changing characters). This new pawn is my new character I want to play as. When loading another map it defaults back to the original default player pawn where I want it to be the possess new character as my player pawn. I’m not sure on the setup if anyone can walk me through it or point me to a tutorial much would be appreciated.

Thanks for all the help!

You might have to save game to save the pawn and repossessed said pawn on level load.

At the simplest, assuming all valid controllable characters are loaded into the map and ready to be controlled.

  • save the name, or some unique id, of the last controlled pawn
  • at BeginPlay() when all actors in map are loaded:
    (1) unpossess the default pawn
    (2) possess the last controlled pawn
    (3) either hide, destroy, or put the default pawn somewhere (varies by game)

How all that happens differs widely between projects. But all of it happens.

Thanks all! It worked!