How do you start an animation from a specific frame from level bp?

Guys how do you get a character animation to start from a specific frame inside the level bp?

Strangely you have the option of selecting frames on which to start an animation from within the editor, but as I have my characters fired off from triggers all in level bp, it’s not a workable solution for me.

Any ideas guys?

Maybe try doing a montage and starting the montage from the blueprint

Can you do that for 1 animation?

Is there anything I could use as an example?

Yea just make a montage and call for it in blueprints just look up some vids on youtube showing how montages work just its gonna be abnormal in your case of just using one animation

Ah ok cheers, I’ll give it a shot!

I’m using to fire off each character animation from the level BP:

I cant get it to fire off an animation montage, any ideas?

I’m sure there was a way to use function “set position” but I can’t get it to work, it won’t affect the animation at all!?

Any ideas guys?

There’s a separate node for playing montages. Actually now there are two. It has a float input where you can input where the animation should start.

Can you tell me how to interface it with my setup above as I’m having real issues

I think might help you. I can upload the project that shows if you want. Let me know.

Thank you so much for that, I’ll try it out!