How do you share your assets within a team?

Hello guys,

we are using HipChat for real time communication and Redmine for everything else, except file storage (because it isn’t very featured in Redmine). As a beginning team, we now feel the need to share content assets between each other.

What approach do you use? :slight_smile:

Thank in advance! :slight_smile:

I personally use perforce in combination with gdrive for such stuff → on perforce we upload all assets/project and on grdive we organise our documents (GDD, …) :slight_smile:

Communication -> Skype + Trello

I’ve got the chance to use perforce before and it rocks, however starting up my own perforce seems to be a ton of work and I think cost a few $$

I think perforce is free for up to 20 users :slight_smile:

I hope thats true!

It is true!

You can also use VisualSVN Server along with TortoiseSVN (both free) if you need more than that, I use them along with AnkhSVN for Visual Studio.

No real reason for it, I just prefer that combo over perforce personally, but either will work just fine! :slight_smile:

perforce was kinda hard for me and not really intuitive, it’s kinda oldstyle software, if you have someone who is good with it, then it’s ok… but if not… prepare to hit your head a lot in the wall

Back then when I was just getting familiar with game development I was working with a few friends of mine and we used to share our files on a premium Mediafire account we had. It was very simple, safe and clean. But now as it’s already pointed, I think Google Drive would be your best option as you don’t have anything more than 1TB to share for now. But get the perforce running if you are serious about what you are doing.

Good luck.

I decided to install Pydio ( on our server and use that for now. It’s very similar to Google Drive in fact.