How do you setup a rig for Full Body IK?

Hi there,

I am attempting to use Full Body IK to set up a rig for me, however, each time I connect bones for the IK, my mesh breaks (see attached video). Does anyone have any suggestions (or can point me to resources) on how to correctly prepare a rig for Full Body IK?

I suspect it has something to do with the root bone but am a little out of my depth here.

I am also using UE 5 Early Access 2

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The live streams about Control Rig cover a lot of that, but they’re totaling more than 5 hours by now, so I’d like to point you to this video by Andreas Suika. It’s about procedural animation, but he builds a rig with the FBIK node and goes over the individual inputs in great detail.

cool video to bad its in unreal engine 5 I am using 4.26 so alot of stuff doesnt translate

Why replaced Full body IK in Unreal Engine 5?
The old one was perfect in UE4, I’m really disappointed.
Something that works well should not be changed.
I sincerely hope that he will abandon the works and return to the old version of full body IK.
But please don’t make the old version deprecated.
Sorry for my English.

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agreed I switched to unreal engine 5 and now I have to go back to 4.27 as some stuff doesn’t work as expected

About Full Body IK, I’m happy to say that everything is back to normal and much better in UE5 preview 2 Well done unreal engine team.

This tutorial helped me a lot

Hello @Camaroniii i have the same issue, do you have any updates? I also followed the same video tutorial and its not working :frowning:

Hi G4Igen1, I did! The issue was the result of my import scale being off from Maya to Unreal Engine. Adjusting the scale in Maya first before importing resolved the issue. Seems modifying the import scales in UE5 does not work nicely with rigging system.