How do you setup a cloud server (digitalocean) with perforce and unreal engine 4 on a Mac


We’ve set up a perforce server on one of our computers (we both have Macs, but our game was getting too large to handle. Now we bought a droplet server with digital ocean and want to setup Ue4 with perforce linked to the digital ocean server between the two of us. Since P4 is linked to the previous server, how would we set it up to read the new server? None of the P4 commands seem to work, I just get an "unable to connect, check $P4PORT, but can’t check $P4PORT as the Perforce command client doesn’t seem to be working in the Mac Terminal. I tried using a p4configure file, but couldn’t get it to work correctly. Is that how I would go about setting up perforce with unreal and our new server? Or would it better to Reinstall P4 Altogether? We have P4D, P4, and P4V.


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where do most of you host your servers on?

I am currently using git-lfs on github, but have used my own perforce server on ec2 in the past.

You can use p4v and p4admin to connect and administrate your perforce server.

Be sure to open the required ports the firewall.

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If you still have issues, maybe consider switching to git-lfs

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Did you like Git more than Perforce in general?

Is get easier to setup between a two man team?

Try these two links:

Here’s the links:
Part 1:…force-Digital/
Part 2:…Digital-Part2/