How do you set variables for a matinee from a Blueprint?

I’d like to set it up so the designer can position a few nodes around each level. They can be a constant number of them and named or tagged the same. So can reuse the same Matinee on each level, but it will move to the nodes that were set for the particular level.


Can you give a little more info on what the matinee would be doing? Is it moving the nodes they position or doing something relative to the nodes?

It’s a camera pan from node to node, maybe on a spline, then a camera focus in on the last node. Something like that. The nodes would just be locations that the matinee looked for.

Matinee has limited use now and it is level dependent so i dont think you can achieve that with Matinee. You can use Set View Target with Blend node and switch between those nodes(cameras) a lot easier though.

Matinee has no way to do what you want. It has no system for getting properties and using them.

This sounds doable from a special blueprint using either Set Viewtarget or the new Spline component (which right now only exists in the 4.3 preview build).

Thanks for the answers. I asked in the twitch stream question list as well to get some direction and where to best add this functionality if it’s not present.

If the spline is just what is needed, in a blueprint then maybe it isn’t necessary to add to matinee. I’m not sure.