How do you set up a timer for a Media Player assett (a tv turning on)

Greetings all! So I’m pretty new to this but I want to have a tv turn on after a specific amount of time after starting the level up. I’ve gotten the video to play in the scene when I have the Media Player open but it only plays then and doesn’t start up on its own. When I test out a game the tv doesn’t fire up (unless the media players open). I know I need to have a timer set in a blueprint but the media player doesn’t seem to have an autoplay and I can’t seem to find a good tutorial to get this to work with timers. I’m either doing things way wrong or some things may have changed in 4.10 so I could be looking in the wrong places for things or they’re named/set up differently now. As I said I’m new to it so any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


I made a video tutorial to do this. You need put only a timer node to count and star the event

Hey. I don’t understand that language. Do you have something in English that explains the same thing?