How do you set up a Paragon Character for editing in Maya?

Hey all,
I had found a PERFECT video on youtube a month or 2 ago Back in MAY 2018… (where does the time GO!?)
but now I can’t find it ANYWHERE…
It had all the info for exporting a mesh, Importing to Maya, editing/Deleting the weapons and then all the settings for saving and re-importing to UE4.
I had used it to delete Seraths weapon and re-import her back to UE4. I’m trying to do the same thing for Greystone now, and I’ve tried a few times to do it, but I always run into errors…

Does anyone know the video I am talking about? Or have the info for importing/exporting from Maya?
Big thanks

realized my wife is right and my sense of time is skewed…

Well, Since there were no replies with an answer, I shall reply WITH one myself.
Hopefully this helps anyone else that comes across this problem.

Turned out that exporting from Maya to UE4 was causing multiple bone errors.
After Importing the FBX to Maya, Maya was re-ordering the bone hierarchy and causing a double root to happen.
after realizing this, I found this post

After Importing the Character FBX to Maya, I basically followed these steps

  1. duplicate your rig. (did this)
  2. freeze the transforms you need to freeze. (didn’t need to do this)
  3. duplicate the mesh. (did this)
  4. Parent the new Mesh to the new Rig (adding this step in)
  5. bind your duplicate mesh to the duplicate rig. (did this)
  6. select the original mesh and shift+select the duplicate mesh (also did this)
  7. skin > edit smooth skin > copy skin wieghts [option box] (Did this too)

After that I deleted the old mesh and rig and renamed the new rig from root1 to root and changed the mesh name from GreystoneTough1 to GreystoneTough
Then I deleted the Weapon mesh and Shield mesh using the UV Shell option
Lastly I did a Delete all by type > Non_Deformer History
And then exported the model making sure to include Smoothing Groups in the Geometry options.
Now I have Greystone_Tough as just the character himself!

Hopefully this helps anyone else that is running into an issue like mine!

Hey Man, I’ve been searching the web for this exact solution. Thank you so much !!

No problem! Glad it helped somebody else :slight_smile: